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 In conjunction with Work With Meaning and Quietude, the Connect Beyond Book Club will examine a variety of texts to explore how best to navigate these challenging and unprecedented times. We will have a facilitated conversation around different themes that emerge from the books. The intention is to foster resilience, understanding, and purpose for the year ahead.

Are you slow reader? Short on time? No Problem!  Our book club is open and suited to anyone who wants to have a conversation about finding purpose and building resilience during this time.  It’s okay to take part in the conversation without having started the book. For those that prefer to listen while multitasking, the book is available on Audible


We’re happy to announce the Connect Beyond Book Club is happening this year! We will be announcing more book clubs in the future. 

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Each month, you will our featured book listing to start reading! Every two weeks on Thursdays, we will have a directed virtual meet up to discuss the book.

Step 3

On the third meet up for that month's book, we will have the author join us for an in-depth discussion of the book, plot, and story behind their creation together!


For over 20 years, Work With Meaning has supported individuals and work teams to discover and align purpose and meaningful work. We integrate a variety of coaching and counseling approaches and practical business development tools to spark creativity and productivity.

A state of stillness, calmness and quiet in a person or place.

Quietude is a micro-retreat center located in Black Mountain, NC. Dedicated to the cultivation of the Inner Life, Quietude provides a container for awareness, introspection and personal development. Quietude is rooted in the understanding that we all benefit from periodically taking time out from our day-to-day routines and responsibilities. Book a retreat at Quietude to de-stress, re-set and realign.  

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Each month, we will be rolling out a brand new club for you to check out. In the mean time, take a look at our staff picks for books we have read over the past year!

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