Music Got Me Here

This is a story of the power of music to heal and transform lives, often in miraculous ways.
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A snowboard accident leaves Forrest Allen, age 18, trapped inside himself, unable to speak or walk for almost two years. Tom Sweitzer, an eccentric music therapist with a troubled childhood, is determined to help Forrest find his voice. This is a story of the power of music to heal and transform lives, often in miraculous ways.

About the director: Emmy and Peabody award-winning filmmaker Susan Koch directs, produces, and write documentaries and non-fiction programming for worldwide distribution. Koch’s films and videos have appeared on ABC, NBC, PBS, HBO, Showtime, MTV, ESPN, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, CNN, Turner Broadcasting, American Movie Classics, The Learning Channel, and the Travel Channel.

2020 Greenwich International Film Festival – Best Social Impact

Distributed By: 

Director(s): Susan Koch

Producer(s): Irwin Winkler (Executive), Gary Mather(Executive) & Christina Co Mather (Executive), Teresa Wheeler (Executive), Lysa Burke Hutton (Executive), Zak Kilberg (Executive), and J. Wendy Thompson Marquez

Writer(s): Susan Koch



Music and/or Songs:

Language: English

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