Patch CV: Controlling Voltage

This documentary film unveils the underground resurgence of the global modular synthesis movement.
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This documentary film unveils the underground resurgence of the global modular synthesis movement. This rebirth of wonder and curiosity breaks the barriers of genre and gender as controlled voltage connects this creative community through patch cables. Patch CV brings to the forefront these diverse artists creating soundscapes of emotionally charged content, and the developers pushing the boundaries of sonic invention with their community driven creations. This is not your typical ‘history of technology’ based documentary. Our story presents the passion and inspiration behind the artist’s compositions that are rapidly transforming the soundtracks of modern film and media productions. These musical creations are alive only in the moment of their performance and then forever lost when the power switch is turned off. Capturing this immediate creative vision and personal process from patch to pulse will be the journey we share.

Distributed By: 

Director(s): David Elliot Johnson & Britt Thomas McTammany

Producer(s): Joseph Spatarella

Writer(s): David Elliot Johnson


Cast: Ann Annie, Lightbath, Synth Witch, Baseck, Shiro Fujioka, Sarah Belle Reid, Mark Isham, Tom Hall, Daedelus, Alissa DeRubeis, Peter Grenader, POB, Richard Devine, XEXYZ, Tyresta, Todd Barton, Ross Fish, Red’s Garden, Nero Bellum, Justin Melland, Genshi, Morton Subotnik

Music and/or Songs:

Language: English

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