One Amazing Year, Living with Intention (Workshop)

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As citizens of the world, we are finding ourselves reacting to a great deal of challenging news and events these days. It seems as though the world is about to implode. Yet, what if I told you that this was the year to experience one of your best years ever….an Amazing Year? In this presentation/workshop Doc Klein will invite you to explore how you can foster your own amazing year in service of a thriving world. He will invite you to imagine your cup, not as half-full or half-empty, but full of life-giving stuff that enables you to truly thrive and flourish during difficult times. Through storytelling, conversation, and an exploration of habits and skills he will create a tension between where you are currently and your highest aims as a human being. This is no passive workshop. You will have an opportunity to make a promise to yourself to take action towards a clear compelling vision. For some of you that promise will be to become an explorer and experiment with your own power to create your life. For others, it will be a promise to specific actions, you have been postponing for a long time. In either story, you will leave this workshop prepared to experience one of the best years of your life. All that will be left to do, is to say “YES” and begin.

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