Cat Fly Presents: Homegrown Films


Apr 06 2019


4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Fine Arts Theatre


Fine Arts Theatre
Asheville, NC

Event Description

Cat Fly is an Asheville-based, non-profit film festival that highlights and supports up-and-coming indie film artists.

Since 2017, we have cultivated a spirited & gender-inclusive collective of dedicated, homegrown filmmakers who span across the Southeast.

Cat Fly was created by filmmakers, for filmmakers to help connect and build a dynamic community of talented & passionate future collaborators. All the films we will have selected represent a spirited & gender-inclusive collective of dedicated, homegrown filmmakers from Asheville and the Southeast.

Film selections:

1. CRIMETIME – 5 mins

Three wannabe thieves practice robbing a bank.

Greenville, SC based, Gunner Willis is an actor/director with awards from any festival his mom attended. He’s trying his very best.

2. FAKE EMMA – 5 mins

“Fake Emma” follows a young artist mentally preparing for her gallery opening as she deals with her personified depression: a warped, controlling version of herself.

Asheville, NC based, Kira Bursky is a vagabonding storyteller with an insatiable hunger for magic.

3. SIDES – 5 mins

The story of two friends on opposite sides of the Civil War.

Trustfall Productions, Asheville, NC based.

4. HYPODONTIA – 2 mins

A young girl’s dental check up provides some interesting information.

Asheville, NC based, the ‘Horror Queen’ of AVL, Jennifer Trudrung runs Nightfrizz productions.

5. THAT SMELL – 11 mins

A young man with a passion for pleasant aromas is lured into the underground world of book sniffing.

Nashville, TN based, an Elevator Boxer Film.


An amateur German female filmmaker becomes infatuated with a tire shop mural.

Michael Arcos, raised in Miami, FL, began his film career editing on VHS and has been working in film and video for over a decade.


A teenage girl from the Appalachian mountains struggles to protect her siblings from an addict mother.

Originally from Lynchburg, Virginia, Marty Elcan is a DGA director with over 25 years of production experience. Soundtrack by Rising Appalachia.

8. WHISTLE DOWN WIND – 14 mins

“Whistle Down Wind” takes place in a tiny mountain town in Western North Carolina. Our story centers two young women, Alex and Janie, who have been best friends since childhood but are now caught in a secret relationship.

Written and Directed by Andie Morgenlander, Julia Christgau, both based in Asheville, NC.

9. DONNY AND CLIVE – Two dimwitted criminals decide to rob a house.

Chris and Lowe McKee are brothers and award winning independent filmmakers originally from Western North Carolina.