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Free Speech: The Remix

A criticially-acclaimed presentation and performance that tells the story of free speech in America through pop, rock, country, soul and hip-hop music. You’ll never see the First Amendment the same way again.

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Women As Majority

How do we keep the momentum going throughout 2020 by continuing to speak up, show up, and organize for change so that we can help women achieve parity in our lifetime? What are the actions that both men and women can individually take and what can we do collectively to push for systemic change?

This panel is designed for all gender and nonbinary people.

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Fireside Chat with Megan Twohey & Virgina Prescott

Join us for intimate discussion with Megan Twohey, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for the New York Times and co-author of SHE SAID: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement, and Virginia Prescott, the Gracie Award-winning host of On Second Thought for Georgia Public Broadcasting.

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2019 Panels

Elevate Women

Our follow-up to 2018’s “Women in Media” panel, ELEVATE WOMEN moves the conversation about gender equality in the field forward into actionable best practices.

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The Power of Music

Music has such a powerful impact on us in a myriad of ways; from acting as a universal language, to helping with memory loss to coping through hard times. This is a discussion about different ways to incorporate music to make our lives better.

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Art of Adaptation

Join us for an enlightening discussion on the principles and best practices for maintaining a story’s roots while adapting it into a new format.

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Clashing Viewpoints

Join us for this discussion of how intense public debate can and has lead to things getting better for everybody, and how to utilize the tools of mediation and creativity to arrive at not just compromise, but a win-win situation.

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We’ll talk about how to spot fake news, how to check your sources, and how marketing and advertising influences the information we receive daily.

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Ask the Producer – Q&A For Budding Filmmakers

In this open-ended Q&A discussion, you’ll have a chance to ask those burning questions about the film and television industry from a panel of knowledgeable and experienced experts, who all have strong track records in producing narrative features, documentary, and television.

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Callings: The Power of Passionate Work

This hands-on workshop is designed around a series of self-reflective questions to help participants gain clarity and courage to take whatever Next Steps will deepen their alignment with what their lives are calling-for from them.

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2018 Panels

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