Callings: The Power of Passionate Work

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People who are fueled by a sense of calling about their work/lives—a deep feeling of purpose, connection to something greater than themselves, and a fit between who they are and what they do—will bring that kind of vitality to their careers and communities, their lives and the lives of others. These are people who are called, not just driven. They work from passion, not just ambition.

The call could be to make a creative leap or career change, take on a new role or let go of an old one, launch a new venture or style of leadership, or simply make a course-correction in your life or work.

This hands-on workshop is designed around a series of self-reflective questions to help participants gain clarity and courage to take whatever Next Steps will deepen their alignment with what their lives are calling-for from them. 

You’ll also explore the questions that arise naturally in the presence of any call: What does it ask of you? How do you keep the fires burning? How do you tell the true calls from the false? What happens when you say no? What happens when you say yes?

This is a workshop. Please bring paper and something to write with.

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