The Story That Sparked Change

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Featuring: Cortina Jenelle Caldwell, Shaye Moessner, Marie T. Cochran, Josh Tickell, Nadia Salamanca, & Tim Z. Hernandez

Our follow-up to 2018’s Art In Action and Ready Set Action panels, The Story That Sparked Change, will explore ways that real life events have inspired widespread, real world change. March for Our Lives was created by a group of young activists in response to the Parkland shootings as a means to push for sensible gun laws. Rosa Parks’ refusal to sit in the back of the bus is recognized as one of the most pivotal moments in civil rights history. And after the release of Tim Hernandez’s book, “All They Will Call You”, the previously unnamed victims of the Los Gatos plane crash were recognized over 70 years later on the California Senate floor.

What was the catalyst that made these particular incidents resonate on a national or global scale? How can the retelling of a story impact and alter the lives of so many? In this panel, we explore what fuels a story to grow from a news report to a movement, and delve into how to develop a cause, or story, to inspire a larger collective. Our panelists will also review what an Impact Plan is as well as the role of an Impact Producer, and how these methods may be used for both storytellers and activists of all levels.

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