Alex Melnyk

Alex Melnyk is the President of Storyworks, a social impact creative agency helping brands grow purpose, profit and impact.  Alex has a fierce passion for elevating the work of women entrepreneurs who are solving for a sustainable, equitable and just world. Alex discovered that she has a gift for connecting people when she became the co-manager of international pop band, The Thompson Twins, at the age of 19. After several years leading the band’s marketing, communications, and tour production Alex found her way to the legendary film production company, Propaganda Films, where she became an Executive Producer working with the biggest directors of her generation. In the early nineties she became fascinated with the future of entertainment and made the jump to digital as the VP of Interactive at MCA/Universal. Over the years of leading different organizations, Alex has learned to focus on helping to create a net positive for the world by connecting people to their purpose and passion.  The drive to connect purpose to our work in life is fulfilled in her current feature length CauseUmentary, WeRiseUP which explores a new definition of success at the personal, collective and universal levels that places living your purpose and making a contribution to the world at the way to have a thriving future for humanity.

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