Andre Hörmann

Andre Hörmann was born 1975. He studied political science at Humboldt University, Berlin, directing at Filmuniversity, Babelsberg and graduated of Professionals Program in Screenwriting at UCLA. His documentaries have been shown and awarded at many prestigious international festivals. He works as a director, producer and writer in LA and Berlin.


2018 Ari and the Day of the Dead, 25:00, Documentary/ The Punch, 85:00, Documentary/ Obon (Co-Directed with Samo)

2017 Seanna-Alone in Hollywood, 15:00, Documentary

2016 Cieras Song, 25:00, Documentary/ Tsering- On top of the world, 15:00, Documentary/ Berliner Nouvelle Vague, 54:00, Documentary

2015 Crowley- Every Cowboy needs his Horse, 15:00, Documentary/ Gaurav and the Kites, 25:00, Documentary

2014 Andrew with Great Fanfare, 25:00, Documentary/ Mo can tie a Bow, 15:00, Documentary

2013 Bhavini – I only want to Dance, 15:00, Documentary/ Sharukh on the Road to Happiness

2012 Loden- The little Monk, 25:00, Documentary

2010 Fathers Prayer, 15:00, Documentary/ Wandlitz-Tokyo, 20:00, Documentary

2009 Breathless, 15:00, Fiction

2007 Calcutta Calling, 15, Documentary

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