Dr. Jack S. Monell

Dr. Jack S. Monell is an Associate Professor & Program Coordinator of Justice Studies at Winston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. There he instructs a myriad of courses to include Criminology, Juvenile Justice and Social Justice and tackles many of the societal issues often seen through popular culture and the media. He has spent the last twenty years working for various government entities and his last 11 years in academia.  Dr. Monell is the author of “Delinquency, Pop Culture and Generation Why”,a compilation of personal and professional accounts, interviews and music industry perspectives aimed at addressing the issues faced by generation y, or the Millenials. As an international trainer, he provides technical and supportive services to local, state,  Federal agencies and NGOs in the fields of criminal justice and social work. Additionally, his work has extended to South Korea, Europe and Cuba.  His many speaking engagements address delinquency and gang activity, both areas in which he knows both personally and professionally. Dr. Monell received his PhD from Walden University, MSW from Howard University, a post graduate certificate in Sociology from Appalachian State University, and BA from Towson State University, respectively.   Dr.  Monell’s areas of interest include Afro-Latino communities, urban youth and their families, pop culture, gangs and delinquency paradigm shifts.

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