Jennifer Trudrung

Jennifer Trudrung has come a long way from when she used to pray for thunderstorms to get out of presenting campfire programs in front of people when she worked as a Park Ranger in Canyonlands National Park. She has found her voice as a mother but also as an actor and writer. Jennifer started acting six years ago and fell in love with being on set and seeing how worlds and stories are created on film. She has worked on Goosebumps, The Vampire Diaries, and numerous independent films and commercials. She began writing and producing her own screenplays a few years ago and has been enjoying figuring out the film festival circuit and most recently winning several awards for her short film “Unbearing.” Her focus is on horror and thriller screenplays and she enjoys taking quiet everyday moments and twisting them into the macabre and horrific. Most of Jennifer’s films incorporate what she considers to be her most important job, motherhood, and often feature her children as actors in her creative works. Having been selected by the Stephen King Dollar Baby program to adapt “Here There Be Tygers” she is geeking out and super excited to bring a feminist twist to the short story by her favorite author since middle school, the incredible Stephen King.

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