Jocelyn Edelstein

Jocelyn is a multi-medium storyteller who believes that the alchemy of story and community produces the elixirs of wonder, truth and empathy. She is a writer, director and choreographer from Portland, Oregon and she navigates the paradox of daily existence by paying attention, collaborating and pretending to be her cat. Jocelyn previously directed Fe Na Batida, a dance-focused docu-series for Canal Arte Um in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the dance-for-camera short, Ela Fala, which was an official selection at the Fuselage Film Festival and Video Skin. Jocelyn is the founder of the Urban Body Project, a collective that explores the connections between dance, culture and community. Believe The Beat is her first feature length documentary. Additional info: Believe The Beat was an official selection for the Hip Hop Film Festival (in New York), the Oregon Independent Film Festival, The Portland Film Festival, The Women’s Film Festival (In Philly), the Film Art Dance Film Festival (a national tour for high schools) and the Rio Hip Hop Festival. Believe The Beat was a finalist for Best Documentary at the Hip Hop Film Festival and Portland Film Festival and winner of Best Art Documentary at the Oregon Independent Film Festival.

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