Lori Knight

Lori Knight is an award-winning broadcast journalist.  Focusing primarily on investigative and international stories, she produced pieces for the CBS Evening News and the documentary unit, CBS Reports.  She co-produced LEGACY OF SHAME — the sequel to Edward R. Murrow’s seminal report, HARVEST OF SHAME.  It won the coveted Edward R. Murrow Award and an Emmy award for best documentary. In 1997 Lori produced an investigative story about the rampant sexual abuse by the University of Las Vegas basketball team.  That story led to senior correspondent Mike Wallace recruiting her as a producer for the news magazine 60 MINUTES.  During her 10 years on the show she also worked with correspondents Bob Simon, Steve Kroft and Ed Bradley. Lori’s additional awards include The Gracie Allen Award for a 60 MINUTES story about children ‘kidnapped’ by their father to Saudi Arabia; the National Association of Black Journalists and the Ohio State awards for the CBS REPORTS documentary Malcolm X: The Real Story. Since 2005, Lori has been a producer, writer and director for several media outlets including Al Jazeera America, WGBH and CNN.  She is currently producing Degrees to Extinction with Joyce Ferder Rankin.


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