Mad Mike Martinez

Mad Mike is known locally and in pockets around the country as a songwriter, vocalist, DJ, activist, and frontman for his solo act and his bands, Natural Born Leaders and Beekeepers. In the wake of NBL’s hiatus, Mike branched out, with an EP of solo material, ‘Anti-Virus’ and has been a vibe creator with his pop-up vinyl DJ sets mixing any and all genres of music from his eclectic choice crates. In the midst of a global pandemic, and long overdue due social unrest, Mike continues to make art, pertinent to the times, and align himself with more musical collaborators. Mike has a fierce dedication to learning and growing consistently while delivering his truths to the masses through his art. With an EP on the way from both his solo project and the Beekeepers project expect to see much more of Mad Mike in the coming months and many years to come.

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